Will my tattoo hurt?

Yes, but almost all tattoos are bearable, we're actually quite gentle, despite appearances!

Does colour hurt more than b&g?
That entirely depends on the tattoo, sometimes your tattoo will have very little lining (usually black) and lots of colour, so it makes sense that the colour will hurt more as it will take longer, and vice versa.

Can I bring some friends?
Remember the artist needs to concentrate, we are a relaxed studio but cannot work with a crowd of people. We only allow the customer to go through when being tattooed.

Can I drink booze afterwards?
Yes, I do! It helps take the after sting away, but don't get wrecked, you need to look after your tattoo afterwards so you need to be compus mentus.

How long will the tattoo take to heal?
The better you look after it the sooner it will be healed. It can take anything from 5 days to 5 weeks, but usually around 7 to 10 days. We will give you a great aftercare procedure and sell a wonderful aftercare.

Can I go to the gym/swimming/running afterwards?
Your new tattoo needs to heal. If you aggravate it you will almost definitely damage it and it may need to be redone. You can go back to your normal activities as soon as the tattoo has gone through the healing process and you're onto the moisturising part of the aftercare.

Can I get tattooed if i am pregnant?

I've just booked in, can I see my design?
Please appreciate we have a lot of things to do, not just designs but the general running of the studio and life! If you've booked in it means you've made the decision to let us do your tattoo (good choice!) and you will have trusted us to do a good job, also you will be 100% on what you want, so the design will be great but we only usually do them the day or 2 before the appointment. This also means we don't waste time drawing things up which can take hours, only for you to cancel or change your mind! (please don't do either :P )

What does it feel like?
Tattooing feels different to different people, some even look forward to their appointment as they find it relaxing and therapeutic! believe it or not! Generally people describe it as a hot scratch, again its bearable (or we wouldn't have more than one!)

How much for a sleeve?
Aaaah that ol' beauty, it's like asking how much for a painting etc, it entirely depends on the style/size/design/how well you heal between sittings/time between sittings......the list goes on, but as a rough idea, and it is rough, they can take anything between 10 and 50 hours, told you it was rough!! but for example a 'religious sleeve' in b&g usually takes around 18 to 25 hours....but go for what you WANT and spread the appointments over time rather than go by cost.

Can I get a tattoo if I am under 18 if I have parental consent?
It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 with or without parental consent. Even if you had a letter from the pope it is still illegal. Anywhere that says otherwise is lying!