How do I book in?

First things first - email us

Please include as much info as possible about what you would like. We are happy to help you and will design your tattoo but we cannot choose your tattoo for you, so please give us as much to go on as possible, even if its the bare basics!

We do all initial consultations via email

You only need to come into the studio for sizing up for the design. If you are travelling a long distance we ask you to give us dimensions and a photo of where the tattoo is to go.

So email away

Include any reference pics and who you would like to do your tattoo and we will take it from there.

Booking fee (deposits)

We take deposits to secure appointments, this is actually a booking fee. Sadly we have had many occasion where a client changes their mind, cancels or just doesn’t show up, which costs the studio money every time. Also our time. So we take approx £20 per hour booked as a booking fee, also referred to as a deposit.

These are non refundable and non transferable, if this is a problem we would ask you not to book in. Whilst we appreciate that things happen, all we ask is that you’re serious about your booking, and this is why we take deposits. This covers time spent designing/prepping and taking space in the diary, as well as technically binding the agreement of the booking. Thank you for understanding

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