Will my tattoo hurt?

Yes, but almost all tattoos are bearable, we're actually quite gentle, despite appearances!

Does colour hurt more than b&g?

That entirely depends on the tattoo, sometimes your tattoo will have very little lining (usually black) and lots of colour, so it makes sense that the colour will hurt more as it will take longer, and vice versa.

Can I bring some friends?

No, sorry. This is a client only appointment, there are many lovely coffee shops nearby where you can wait or call back when the tattoo is finished

Can I drink booze afterwards?

Avoid all alcohol for 24 hours beforehand but feel free to have some after the tattoo is finished, but a sensible amount as you still need to be able to care for your fresh tattoo

How long will the tattoo take to heal?

The better you look after it the sooner it will be healed. It can take anything from 5 days to 3 weeks, but usually around 7 to 10 days. We will give you a great aftercare procedure and sell a wonderful aftercare.

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