Primarily I'm a custom tattoo artist, which means I do not have designs to pick from but I do post drawings to Instagram that I say are available, otherwise it's a case of drawing you up a design to your specifications

I only book you in once we know size, placement and idea, if you change the size, placement and idea you forfeit your tattoo deposit so please ensure you're confident in your choice when booking in.

Also please ensure you can not only make your tattoo appointment but have sufficient funds to pay on the day. Letting me know the day before that you cannot get out of work will not go down well at all and I probably won't rebook you.

Designs are done the week of your tattoo appointment, by the time we have booked you in I would hope that you're confident in my abilities for you not to be worried about the design, I wouldn't book you in if I didn't think I could do a good job of what you're wanting, If I wasn't confident I'd be honest enough to not book you or send you to another artist more suited to what you want.

I prefer large tattoos so my full day appointments are reserved for full day tattoos, if your tattoo will take an hour or less I will find a date where I have availability for a smaller tattoo.

It is £400 for a day sitting which is 11.30-5 and is 5 hours tattooing with half an hour allowed for breaks and a quick bite for lunch

Please bring snacks and lunch with you for your appointment, you may have had a big breakfast but by 2pm your body will need sustenance

Please avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your tattoo, you can certainly have some afterwards

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