Laser Removal


The reasons for wanting a tattoo are varied and personal, and the reasons for no longer wanting tattoo are exactly the same. With the abundance of home-made tattoos, mobile tattooists and changing tastes increasing over recent years, the demand for tattoo removal has also increased.

At Inkarma , we offer laser tattoo removal and lightening both for clients wanting complete removal or ahead of them getting a cover-up tattoo from one of our talented artists. By coming to Inkarma for your laser removal you get quality service and treatment from start to finish.

For the removal of tattoos, we have invested in state of the art equipment to make the process as quick as possible for you, the client. We use a TSL-LS9 Nd:YAG laser which has been proven to be the best possible way to remove tattoos without scarring.

How It Works

The laser energy uses a particular spectrum of light to break up tattoo ink into smaller particles so it can be absorbed and broken down naturally by the body’s immune system.

During treatment the laser light is focussed on the tattoo and pulses of laser energy hit the tattoo ink, causing it to disintegrate. Your immune system attacks and pulls the ink out through your lymphatic system and after a 6 week recovery a follow-up session is performed, resulting in increased absorption and further fading of the tattoo over time. With our laser and techniques, 95% of tattoos can be completely removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re giving laser tattoo removal serious consideration we’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions. This FAQ features the most common questions we get asked, but if your query isn’t covered please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will it hurt?

If you could handle having a tattoo it's a safe bet you can handle laser removal – the sensation of laser removal has been compared to having fat from a frying pan spit on your skin. If you’re really concerned with the pain we can reduce discomfort by using an icepack after treatment.

Will laser removal burn me?

No! Our laser is the most advanced on the market and it passes freely through the skin without burning

Will laser removal scar me?

No! Because the laser breaks the ink down your body’s immune system gets rid of the ink particles through your lymphatic system. The whole point of using the Q-switched laser is to deliver laser energy in such a short time that there is no time for heat to build up in your skin to scar.

Will the laser have an effect on my skin?

No! It does not affect the surrounding skin around your tattoo – the laser operates in short bursts targeted only at your tattoo.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on whether you want the tattoo removed completely or just lightened for a cover-up. Other factors include the tattoo complexity, ink type, colours used, tattoo depth, tattoo age and skin colour of the client. For a more thorough answer why not pop in for a free consultation?

Is laser removal suitable for me?

We do a free initial consultation where we will ask about your general health and perform a test patch on your skin. We fire the laser on different areas of the tattoo to see how the skin and the pigment respond. We will then arrange another appointment with you to come in after two weeks to ensure that the area is healed and that treatment can commence. We will get you booked in after the test patch is complete and ask for a deposit for the first full treatment session.

My tattoo has a lot of colours, can you still remove it?

Most colours can be removed – black and red ink respond really well to laser removal, whereas white, yellow, blue, and green ink can take more work.

How many sessions will I need if I want a cover-up?

Tattoo removal can take anywhere between 2-12 sessions depending on whether you want the tattoo fading for a cover-up or removed as much as possible. Other factors include the quality of the tattoo, colours used and size.

Can I go out in the sun after my session?

You need to be careful about sun exposure during your treatment program. The laser energy can remove some of your skin's natural protection so treatment areas are more susceptible to sun damage. If you must go in the sun, then apply a high sunscreen (at least Factor 50) to protect your treatment area.


Prices start from £40 per session.

We charge maximum of £100 per session and cover no more than 4inches by 4inches per sitting. The reason we do not cover more than this size per treatment is that we do not want to bombard your system with too much work removing the ink. I have found customers respond far more effectively to treatment when following this, working on separate areas each time when someone has a much larger piece they want removing.

Smaller tattoos can be priced accordingly when seen on the consultation.

Total Cost

Tattoo removal can take anywhere between 2-12 sessions depending on whether you want the tattoo fading for a cover-up or removed as much as possible. Other factors include the quality of the tattoo, colours used and size. Further information on the process is included in our treatment and consent forms.

The number of treatments required can only be determined as the process progresses. We price fairly to offer the customer quality work at reasonable rates.

Booking In

Email us and we will get back to you with what dates are available, if you include pictures of the tattoo you want treating then we may be able to give more information that could help before coming in.


We require a £20 deposit for your first booking after your test patch - this deposit is then be used as a rollover on future sessions you book and will be deducted from your final session cost. Cancellations / rearrangements must be made 48 hours before your appointment - failure to do so will void your deposit.

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